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A new film
written,/starring/directed and produced by
Shara Ashley Zeiger
14 minutes

I Mustache You is a silent physical comedy about Abby, an agoraphobic who receives an invitation to love, self acceptance, and the outside world.


St. Louis International Film Festival (11/7/21-11/2121)
*Oscar Qualifying
Chelsea Film Festival (10/14-17/21)
Orlando Film Festival (10/29/21, 11/1/21)
*Nominated Best Short Film 
NY Shorts International Film Festival (11/2/21)
Top Indie Film Awards (1/5/22)
*Winner Best Director & Best Humor, Nominated Best Short, Sound & Music
Mindfield Film Festival Winter Awards(1/7/22) 
*Winner Diamond Award for Best Actress & Best Short 
Short and Sweet Film Festival (2/8/22)
*Winner Best Comedy 
NYC Indie Theatre Film Festival (2/10/22)
Sound on Screen Music & Film Festival, South Africa (2/2522)
Berlin Independent Film Festival (2/9/22)
*Winner Best Comedy 
Houston Comedy Film Festival (2/10/22)
*Nominated Best Romantic Comedy 
Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema (3/8/22)
*Nominated Best Short, Best Short Director, Best Short Script, Women in Film Director Award, Women in Film Screenwriter Award, Women in Film Producer Award
Borrego Springs Film Festival (3/24/22) 
Short Film Factory (4/1/22)
*Winner Best City Life Short 
Experimental Dance & Music Film Festival (4/6/22)
*Winner Best Performance 
Hang Onto Your Shorts (4/23/22)
*Nominated Best Actress in a Comedy 
Fort Myers Beach International Film Festival (4/26/22)

Clean Shorts Film Festival (5/3/2022)
Harlem International Film Festival (5/10/22)
Lighthouse International Film Festival (6/3/22)

International Sound Music Video Awards

Near Nazareth Festival (6/6/22)
*Winner Best Silent Film 
Philadelphia Independent Film Festival (6/10/22)
Vero Beach Film Festival (6/9/22, 6/11/22)
Fear No Film (6/23/22)
Long Island International Film Expo (7/16/22)

Fade In Awards (7/2022)

Hamilton NY International Film Festival (7/23/22)
*Winner Hammer Award for Most Inspirational Filmmaker
New Hope Film Festival (7/30/22)
*Winner Best Comedy 
Chain NYC Film Festival (8/10/22)
Festival of Cinema NYC (8/13/22)
FLY Film Festival (8/6/22)
*Winner Best Short Film & Lord of the Fly (Best in Fest)
MOM Film Festival (8/22/22)
Tournadeau Music & Film Festival/Foxwoods (8/26/22)
Nightpiece Film festival/Edinburgh Fringe (8/26/22)
Broad Humor Film Festival (9/1/22)

*Winner Best Score
Northeast Film Festival (9/11/22)

Sunnyside Shorts Film Festival (9/17/22)

Body Positive Film Festival (10/2022)
Portland Comedy Film Festival (9/18/22)

*Nominated  Best Romantic Comedy
Ladyfilmmakers Film Festival (9/20/22)

Legacy Theater Film Festival (9/23/22)

*Winner Best Comedy
Astoria Film Festival (10/1/22)
Brejning Film Festival 10/2/22)

*Nominated Best Actress
Indie Shorts Mag Short Film Festival (9/2022)

American Jewish Film Festival (10/2022)

*Nominated  Best Short

Top Shorts Film Film Festival (10/2022)

*Winner Best Comedy/Honorable Mention Best Actress

*Nominated Annual Best Comedy 

Global Shorts Film Festival (11/2022)

*Winner Best Actress
Adirondak Film Festival 11/2022)

Black Cat Award International Film Festival (11/2022)

Open Gate International Film Festival (11/2022)

*Winner Best Comedy

Mental Filmness  (11/2022)
Pittsburgh Film Picture Show Festival (10/2022)

*Winner Best Performance in a Fantasy Film 
Tel Aviv Melech Film Festival (10/2022)
Bowery Film Festival (11/2022)

YoFiFest (12/2022)

Prague International Music Video Awards (2/2023)

*Nominated Best Music Video

Durango Independant Film Festival (3/2023)

FUIFF Awards United Kingdom (4/4/2023)

*Winner Best Actress, Best Women Film 

Phoenix Film Festival (4/1/2023)

West Chester Film Festival (4/2023)

Denver Monthly Film Awards (4/2023)

*Nominated  Best Short 

Katra Film Series (5/1/2023)

First Frame International Film Festival (5/2023)

Canada yes! Let's Make a Movie Film Festival (7/2023)

*Nominated  Best Romantic Comedy, Best Sound, Best American Film 

Palm Beach International Film Festival (4/20/2023)

Richmond Film Network Screening Series (6/2023)

Harrogate Film Festival (6/2023)

Bizarrya Short Film Festival (6/2023)

Artists & Beers (8/2023)

Kurdistan International Independent Film Festival (8/2023)

Scene Awards (8/2023)

*Nominated  Best Film on Mental Health 

Smiles Film Festival (9/2023)

A Pecan Pickling Film Festival (9/2023)

*Winner Best Longer Short

Smodcastle Film Festival (10/2023)

*Winner Best Original Music 

Indigo Moon Film Festival (10/2023)

Cinema of the World International Film Festival (10/2023)

*Nominated  Best Short 

Aasha International Film Festival (10/2023)

*Winner Best Short

David Film Festival (10/2023)

*Winner Best Short

Saskatchewan International Film Festival (11/2023)

Emerald Cast Film Festival (12/2023)

LA Comedy  Film Festival (12/2023) 

Indie Shorts Mag Short Film Festival 


Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival

Festival Script Selections:
Southern State Indie Fan Film Festival
*Finalist Best Script
Sacramento International Film Festival

Honorable Mentions:

TimeLess Shorts

Pebbles Underground Film and Video Art Festival

Nassau Film Festival

Video Art and Experimental Film Festival

Festival Script Selections:
Southern State Indie Fan Film Festival
*Finalist Best Script
Sacramento International Film Festival



​​​​JOE is a New York Romantic Comedy about a barista who meets the man of her dreams, lies about what pays the bills and things turn awkward when she learns his favorite coffee shop is where she works.  Shara wrote, produced, and acts in JOE. 20min




Film Festival Screenings:

The Sedona International Film 3/1/18 & 3/2/18

Newport Beach Film Festival 4/29/18

Hang onto your Shorts Film Festival  4/22/18

*Nominated Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress

Hoboken International Film Festival 5/21/18

Long Island International Film Expo 7/18/18

Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema 8/4/18

*Nominated Best Editing

Broad Humor Film Festival 9/1/18

Northeast Film Festival 9/7/18-9/9/18

*Nominated Best Short, Best Actress

Oaxaca Film Festival 10/6/18-10/10/18 -script

*Nominated Best Comedy Pilot, Best Script

Top Indie Film Awards 11/18

*Winner Best Romantic Comedy & Best Writing

*Nominated Best Sound, Best Music, Best Editing

ITVFEST 10/17- Network Notes 

Indie Short Fest 12/18

*Winner Best Supporting Actress (Shara Ashley Zeiger) 

Houston Comedy Film Festival 4/13/19

*Nominated Best Romantic Comedy

Mayday Film Festival 5/20/19

Lighthouse International Film Festival 6/6/19-6/9/19

573 International Film Festival 6/7/19-6/9/19

Romance Feedback Film & Screenplay Festival 7/11/19

Hudson Valley Film Short Film Fest 7/27/19

Hamilton International Film Festival 7/27/19

*Nominated for The Hammer Award

Chain Film Festival 8/11/19

Women's Comedy Film Festival 8/17/19

*Nominated Best Romantic Comedy

VOB Film Festival 8/24/19

Cutting Room Internatioanl Film Festival 10/19/19

Bowery Film Festival 11/21/19

*Winner Best Short Film

Artists & Beers 2/13/20

*Series Deck Available 

The Homemade Sketch Show is a Half Hour Digital Sketch Comedy Series Created and Curated during the Pandemic by Shara Ashley Zeiger. Working with many top sketch comedy creators, and a new host and musical guest each week from around the world. Shara regularly writes, films, and acts in sketches in the series as well.

download (1).png

A new film

written/staring/directed and produced  by 

Shara Ashley Zeiger


Two feminists, Stella and Maggie, up to no good, sneak off to the woods with a giant suitcase. 


Atlanta Comedy Film Festival 7/20

YoFiFest 11/3

Portland Comedy Film Festival 11/3

*Nominated Best Ensemble Cast

Smiles V Film Festival 12/6/19

Hudson Valley Shorts 2/1/20

NY Indie Theatre Film Festival 2/6/20

MayDay Film Festival (5/2020)

Lighthouse Int. Film Festival (6/2020)

Ketchikan Film Festival (8/25/20)

Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival (9/12/20)

Battle of The Sketches (9/15/20)

Hilltop Film Festival of Diversity & Inclusion (9/25/20)

Long Island International Film Expo (9/30/20)

Festival of Cinema NYC (10/1/20)

Kingston Upon Thames Film Festival (10/17/20) 

Chain Film Festival (11/16/20) 

LIFFT India World Cine Fest (12/10/20) 

Short and Sweet Film Festival (1/16/21) 

Body Positive Film Festival (9/19/21) 


A new series by
Shara Ashley Zeiger
35 page pilot

When Dani Solomon turns 40, her mother blackmails her into becoming an adviser of a high school Jewish sorority, and in a desperate wish to stand up to her, her inner monologue gets hijacked by her 16 year old self.

*currently looking for producing partners/pitching



*Coverfly Red List (Top Half Hour Comedy Projects) Top 3% of All Projects

*Top 50, Roadmap Writers - JumpStart Writing Competition 2023

*Semifinalist, Cinequest Screenwriting Competition 2023-2024

*Quarterfinalist, WeScreenplay TV Pilot Lab 2024

*Quarterfinalist, ScreenCraft TV Pilot Script Competition 2024

*Quarterfinalist, ScreenCraft Comedy Competition 2024

*Semifinalist, Keep or Destroy - New York New Stories Screenplay Contest 2023

*Quarterfinalist, Emerging Screenwriters Comedy Screenplay Competition 2024

*Quarterfinalist, Filmmatic Comedy Screenplay Awards Season 8

Roughly Speaking is a full length play with rap based on over 200 interviews with the NYC Homeless!

See a world we often walk by through the eyes of Lightning.Bolt, a rapper bound only by his wheelchair on a not so typical day at the soup kitchen. An existential struggle of survival begs questions of love, loss, and what's next. 

Roughly Speaking had a staged reading on 6/20/16 at Manhattan Theater Club and ran at Tada Theater in NYC 


For Press Info & Reviews

"#1 Show to see This week" ~ NY Theatre Guide 


"One of the top 6 shows to see with a limited run"

~ Playbill

"One of the 6 pieces of political theatre to see after the election"

"Best Bet" ~

"Behind Zeiger’s tight script and a handful of admirable performances, Roughly Speaking is an honest representation and dissection of the homeless culture in New York City." ~


A new film

starring/written and produced by

Shara Ashley Zeiger



The Red Lotus is about Two sisters who go away for a weekend to strengthen their relationship and uncover a secret that will bind them for life.  The Red Lotus is a tale of strength, women's rights, sisterhood, and the human spirit.​ 

Film Festival Screenings:

NY Shorts International Film Festival 5/18

New Hope Film Festival  7/18

*Nominated Women in Film Award

VOB Film Festival 9/18

Golden Door International Film Festival  9/18

*Nominated Women in Cinema Award

Awareness Festival 10/18

Amsterdam Lift-Off Film Festival 10/18

ITVFEST- Network Notes 10/18

Rome Prisma Awards 10/18

Mindfield Film Festival (NM) 10/18

*Winner Best Short & Best Actress (Shara Ashley Zeiger)

DUMBO Film Festival 11/18

Borrego Springs Film Festival 1/19

Hang onto Your Shorts 5/5/19

*Winner Best Ensemble Cast

*Nominated Best Short 

Bechdel Film Festival 5/29/19-6/2/19

*Included in Juried Top Shorts Block

Lanett City Film Festival 8/17/19-8/18/19

Oil Valley Film Festival 9/9/19

Top Indie Film Awards 11/19

*Nominated Best Original Concept

*Winner Best Writing


Currently Distributed as a Rizzle Studios Original Series on the Rizzle App!

Click below to watch


9min (11 episodes)

Faustess screenings:

The Grove Film Festival 3/17

The Set Lovecraft 5/17

The Chain Film Festival 8/17

VOB Film Festival 9/3/17

Northeast Film Festival 9/8/17-9/10/17

New York New Filmmakers Festival 9/20/17


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