Roughly Speaking is a new full length play with rap based on over 200 interviews with the NYC Homeless!

See a world we often walk by through the eyes of Lightning.Bolt, a rapper bound only by his wheelchair on a not so typical day at the soup kitchen. An existential struggle of survival begs questions of love, loss, and what's next. 

Roughly Speaking had a staged reading on 6/20/16 at Manhattan Theater Club and ran at Tada Theater in NYC 


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"#1 Show to see This week" ~ NY Theatre Guide 


"One of the top 6 shows to see with a limited run"

~ Playbill

"One of the 6 pieces of political theatre to see after the election"

"Best Bet" ~

"Behind Zeiger’s tight script and a handful of admirable performances, Roughly Speaking is an honest representation and dissection of the homeless culture in New York City." ~




​​​​JOE is a New York romantic comedy pilot about a girl trying to find herself in a new job as a barista. 20min


The Sedona International Film 3/1/18 & 3/2/18

Newport Beach Film Festival 4/29/18

Hang onto your Shorts Film Festival  4/22/18

*Nominated Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress

Hoboken International Film Festival 5/21/18

Long Island International Film Expo 7/18/18

Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema 8/4/18

*Nominated Best Editing

Broad Humor Film Festival 9/1/18

Northeast Film Festival 9/7/18-9/9/18

*Nominated Best Short, Best Actress

Oaxaca Film Festival 10/6/18-10/10/18 -script

*Nominated Best Comedy Pilot, Best Script

Top Indie Film Awards 11/18

*Winner Best Romantic Comedy & Best Writing

*Nominated Best Sound, Best Music, Best Editing

ITVFEST 10/17- Network Notes 

Indie Short Fest 12/18

*Winner Best Supporting Actress (Shara Ashley Zeiger) 

Houston Comedy Film Festival 4/13/19

*Nominated Best Romantic Comedy

Mayday Film Festival 5/20/19

Lighthouse International Film Festival 6/6/19-6/9/19

573 International Film Festival 6/7/19-6/9/19

Romance Feedback Film & Screenplay Festival 7/11/19

Hudson Valley Film Short Film Fest 7/27/19

Hamilton International Film Festival 7/27/19

*Nominated for The Hammer Award

Chain Film Festival 8/11/19

Women's Comedy Film Festival 8/17/19

*Nominated Best Romantic Comedy

VOB Film Festival 8/24/19

Cutting Room Internatioanl Film Festival 10/19/19

Bowery Film Festival 11/21/19

*Winner Best Short Film

Artists & Beers 2/13/20

*Series Deck Available 

​​​​The Red Lotus is about Two sisters who go away for a weekend to strengthen their relationship and uncover a secret that will bind them for life.  The Red Lotus is a tale of strength, women's rights, sisterhood, and the human spirit.​ 19min


NY Shorts International Film Festival 5/18

New Hope Film Festival  7/18

*Nominated Women in Film Award

VOB Film Festival 9/18

Golden Door International Film Festival  9/18

*Nominated Women in Cinema Award

Awareness Festival 10/18

Amsterdam Lift-Off Film Festival 10/18

ITVFEST- Network Notes 10/18

Rome Prisma Awards 10/18

Mindfield Film Festival (NM) 10/18

*Winner Best Short & Best Actress (Shara Ashley Zeiger)

DUMBO Film Festival 11/18

Borrego Springs Film Festival 1/19

Hang onto Your Shorts 5/5/19

*Winner Best Ensemble Cast

*Nominated Best Short 

Bechdel Film Festival 5/29/19-6/2/19

*Included in Juried Top Shorts Block

Lanett City Film Festival 8/17/19-8/18/19

Oil Valley Film Festival 9/9/19

Top Indie Film Awards 11/19

*Nominated Best Original Concept

*Winner Best Writing



Faustess screenings:

The Grove Film Festival 3/17

The Set Lovecraft 5/17

The Chain Film Festival 8/17

VOB Film Festival 9/3/17

Northeast Film Festival 9/8/17-9/10/17

New York New Filmmakers Festival 9/20/17


A new film

written/staring/directed by 

Shara Ashley Zeiger


Two feminists, Stella and Maggie, up to no good, sneak off to the woods with a giant suitcase. 


Atlanta Comedy Film Festival 7/20

YoFiFest 11/3

Portland Comedy Film Festival 11/3

*Nominated Best Ensemble Cast

Smiles V Film Festival 12/6/19

Hudson Valley Shorts 2/1/20

NY Indie Theatre Film Festival 2/6/20

MayDay Film Festival (TBD DATE)

Lighthouse Int. Film Festival (TBD DATE)

Hang onto Your Shorts  (TBD DATE)



A new film by

Shara Ashley Zeiger

12 pages

IMustacheYou is a silent film about Abby, an agoraphobic who receives an invitation to love, self acceptance, and the outside world.

*currently in post production

Festival Script Selections:

Southern State Indie Fan Film Festival

*Finalist Best Script

Sacramento International Film Festival

A new film by

Shara Ashley Zeiger


The Red Lotus is a feature film based on the short film I wrote a few years ago. 

Michelle can barely make ends meet when she drags her sister on a road trip under the guise of a yoga retreat, harboring a secret pregnancy to an underground abortion clinic, in a world five years past a hypothetical overturning of Roe vs Wade.

*currently looking for producing partners/pitching


Festival Script Selections:

Sacramento International Film Festival

Oaxaca Film Festival 

*Nominated Best Social Script, Best Script

A new series by

Shara Ashley Zeiger

29 page pilot

Dani Solomon, a heavyset, secular, Jewish, upper millennial has a dead end job at an online novelty company and her life is going nowhere, when her mother see's an add that a High School Jewish youth group sorority needs an advisor and blackmails her into discovering her own adulthood and what it means to be a Jew in America. 

*currently looking for producing partners/pitching

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