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Shara Ashley Zeiger is a working Teaching Artist in NYC with various companies, private coaching,  and with her own projects. She has experience teaching Ages 4 through Adult and with various populations including English Language Learners, GED Students, and students with disabilities. She has a strong belief in building ensembles, and building confidence by instilling in her students "the freedom to fail."  She loves working in the classroom as well as one on one with students helping them succeed on the stage, on camera, or creating their own work. She is a reader for the O'Neill Center, and sits on the Board for NY's Educational Theater Association. Shara is a proud member of AEA, SAG-AFTRA, The Dramatists Guild, NY Women in Film & TV, and The FilmmakeHers. 

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Acting Coaching/Producing Coaching 

Work with Shara one on one! She helps people learn the business of the business, script analysis, getting in touch with their actor instrument, audition coaching, and more. 

Shara also coaches people on how to produce their own work and crowdfund consults. Shara herself has ran her company The Platform Group for the past 13 years where she produced plays, readings, cabarets, films, pilots, web projects and more.  She's brought things Off-Broadway, and also through the film festival circuit through distribution. Shara has helped many other artists take control of their own careers and put their best foot forward doing it. Shara has consulted on producing over 30 films, and helped many artists launch their careers.  




























Take a Class with Shara!

Currently Classes are enrolling for:




Create Your Own Work Workshop!

Saturday August 19

10:30am-1:30pm EST


This crash course will cover: 

  • Pitching, How to? Who to? When? Developing an Elevator Pitch for fundraising/collaborators/marketing

  • Putting together your team, contracts, planning, budgeting, rehearsals, on set/running a live performance, production 101. 

  • Finding an audience, marketing, PR, Ticket sales, Festivals, Distribution, etc.



Register below and send Shara your Email for the Zoom link to: 

Want to work with Shara one on one? Register for a coaching with Shara below and e-mail her at to coordinate a time.


1 hour coaching (acting or producing) * can include taping: $75

What people are saying!

"Hi guys- just wanted to share my experience with my recent self-tape submission for the lead in a SAG feature. I had Shara Ashley Zeiger be my reader, and also coach me through 3 scenes. Normally I just tape at home with whomever I can find to read, but- Shara is amazing- I thought I knew what I was doing- but she was able to bring the intensity of my scenes to a believable, authentic place. She brought her experiences of working with casting directors and knowing what they want, and coached my “why’s” and what the stakes were. She brought my 5 scenes up to a 10. I will definitely have her record and coach my auditions again, and wanted to recommend her here to you guys!" ~Julianna Pitt


"Shara taught me so much! She helped me book my first film, and get representation. She helps me be a good actor and it's so much fun!" ~ Eli (Age 9)


"Shara is yet another walking font of information. She has a lot of great thoughts and suggestions, along the experience to back them up. Especially since self-producing is something which has consistently growing relevancy in this business, I cannot emphasize enough how beneficial it could be to study with her." ~ Ashley Lovell

"Shara is a wealth of information and a keen business woman . She gave practical step by step instructions and answered all questions put forth her. This is a great class!" ~ Lydia Fiore

"Thank you once again to Shara Ashley Zeiger for her amazing producer workshop yesterday. To say I learned a ton is an understatement." ~ Yama Kayumi

"Great workshop. Everyone in the biz should attend." ~ Arlene Sparaco

"I simply can't recommend it enough. This is a girl who gets it done; walks the walk and talks the talk. I was truly inspired by her wealth of knowledge of producing and creating fierce content. Thank you Shara!" ~ Laura Darell

"I had a private consultation with her and she was incredibly resourceful and knowledgeable about producing theater and indie films. I had a ton of questions and she answered them all and then some. Go to her class or book a private if you a first time producer and want to get out there and create your own work!! " ~Kisha Milling

“I made the choice to produce and direct my own web series in January of 2016 but getting started had me overwhelmed and confused on how to move forward. On a whim, I decided to sign up for Shara’s class, PRODUCE YOUR OWN WORK, and it was the best decision I could have made. The class was extraordinarily informative, supportive, and inspiring. Shara was able to cover a number of topics from pitching, to festivals, to contracts, funding/crowdfunding, and much more!

Due to how intimate the class was, great attention was given to every person and I walked away feeling like I had the tools to succeed with my project. And boy, did I! I wrapped my 4 episode web series by the end of 2016 and since have been officially selected to screen at a number of festivals.

Thank you Shara for providing me with the knowledge and confidence to make my passion project a reality. This class is a MUST for anyone who plans on producing their own work.”

~Lynnsey Garegnani

"Jaunt to NYC yesterday to take the "PRODUCE YOUR OWN WORK WORKSHOP" taught by Shara Ashley Zeiger. Very informative, took a lot of great notes. She showed that fundraising for your project doesn't have to be mind-boggling. Just requires some time, persistence, creativity and enthusiasm! Reach out to Shara if you need some advice, she's a great resource." ~Mary Ferrara

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