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JOE Pitch Deck

The pilot has been in the following film festivals:

The Sedona International Film 3/1/18 & 3/2/18

Newport Beach Film Festival 4/29/18

Hang onto your Shorts Film Festival  4/22/18

*Nominated Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress

Hoboken International Film Festival 5/21/18

Long Island International Film Expo 7/18/18

Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema 8/4/18

*Nominated Best Editing

Broad Humor Film Festival 9/1/18

Northeast Film Festival 9/7/18

*Nominated Best Short, Best Actress

Oaxaca Film Festival 10/6/18-10/10/18 -script

*Nominated Best Comedy Pilot, Best Script

Top Indie Film Awards 11/18

*Winner Best Romantic Comedy & Best Writing

*Nominated Best Sound, Best Music, Best Editing

ITVFEST 10/17- Network Notes 

Indie Short Fest 12/18

*Winner Best Supporting Actress (Shara Ashley Zeiger) 

Houston Comedy Film Festival 4/13/19

*Nominated Best Romantic Comedy

Mayday Film Festival 5/18/19

*Winner Best  Actress (Bethany Nicole Taylor) 

Lighthouse International  Film Festival 6/7/19, 6/8/19

573 Film Festival 6/7/19

Romance Feedback Film & Screenplay Festival 7/11/19

Hudson Valley Film 7/27/19

Hamilton International Film Festival 7/27/19

*Nominated Hammer Award

Chain NYC Film Festival 8/8/19-8/16/19

Women in Comedy Film Festival 8/16/19-8/18/19

*Nominated Best Romantic Comedy

VOB Film Festival 8/22/19-9/1/19

Cutting Room International Film Festival 10/19/19

Bowery Film Festival 11/21/19

*Winner Best Short Film

Artists & Beers 2/13/20

Proof of Concept Trailer














Full Proof of Concept Pilot

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