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Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Everyone says you should start a blog... so here we go! If you've somehow landed here and haven't clicked through my website and don't know much about me, let's do a little introduction!

I'm Shara Ashley Zeiger. I'm originally from Bensalem, PA, which is a large suburb next to Philadelphia. It's literally where Ben Franklin flew his kite (yay electricity!). I started, like most acting, dancing, singing, playing instruments and such as a kid, but I didn't know this was the career right away.

For me, it was always about story and about creating characters. I was really into art as well and wanted more than anything to be an animator for Disney from the time I was 5 till I was 16. I went to art classes in the city and one day was looking out the window from Moore College of Art and Design (at 16) onto Logan Circle, and realized drawing naked people just in different positions all day long was incredibly boring. (Hey, we couldn't even talk to them!) If I were to do this, my life would be sitting behind a desk drawing on a computer over and over again all day long, and I realllllllly liked to talk to people. It was in this moment I realized I was doing this life thing all wrong. That hobby I've had since I was maybe 3 of acting on stage and creating dance pieces with my cousin and water dramas in the pool each summer and those wacky improvisations I'd force my neighborhood friends to play with me (sorry Leila), THAT was what my job should be.

Then everything took a flip flop! I started to get serious about the craft I had been playing with all along, and haven't stopped since.

This blog is about me and my journey, but it's also for you. I'll share fun stories and anecdotes of what I went through and go through today. I've also been an educator in this field for 17 years now and will share tidbits and tips and tricks that can help you along the way. So if you're sitting somewhere and looking out a window onto your own "Logan Circle" and realizing the dreams you have are not what you thought they were, are discovering new dreams, or are coming into your own embarking on a scary journey in the entertainment industry, or just know me and find my life super interesting and entertaining, Welcome to my Blog!

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What do you use to Draw Naked People?

Where is Logan Circle?

What was it like where Ben Franklin Flew his kite and Shara is from?

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(That's me!)

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Jul 21, 2020

Written truthfully! The pediatrician once said to me that you will sleep when you stop dreaming! He was right! You never stop creating! And as PopPip Tex said “You go girl.”

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