Upcoming News:

"JOE" is streaming on Amazon, Sofy TV and Tubi! Click to watch it here:


"The Homemade Sketch Show" airs new shows Fridays on Youtube and we just got distribution on Tubi TV !

Click to watch it here:  


Watch Shara on Part 1 of "The Plot Against America" on HBO

Watch Shara on Season 2, Episode 4 of "Bull" on CBS

Upcoming Festival Screenings of My Work:


"Secret Feminism" at Ketchikan Film Festival (8/25/20)

"Secret Feminism" at Hang onto Your Shorts (9/12/20)

"Secret Feminism" at Battle of the Sketches (9/15/20)

"Secret Feminism" at Hilltop Film Festival of Diversity & Inclusion (9/25/20)

"Secret Feminism" at Long Island International Film Expo (9/30/20)

"Secret Feminism" at Festival of Cinema NYC (10/1/20)

"Secret Feminism" at Chain Film Festival (TBD new date)

"Shara was an absolute pleasure to work with. From the moment she walked into the audition, until the moment she left set, she lit up the room. She was funny, eager and open. During production, she not only brought the goods, but was always willing and able to improvise and make suggestions when we were looking for them. As a director, i couldn't ask for more than that. " ~ Rosario Pellerito

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